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Frequently Asked Questions from our Customers

Yes also damage sticker is required if the damage exceeds $2000

We repair all vehicle makes and models but we are Certified Toyota, Scion & Lexus experts.

This is a process where a small dent can be “massaged” out without harming the paint. Example: hail dent or parking lot dent when paint has not been damaged

That is fine. We would provide our estimate.

Yes but the vehicle MUST be at our collision shop. Begin your vehicle estimate process online and speed up the initial administrative process.

A vehicle repair estimate takes approx 1hr.

The Country Hills Collision Centre is a Toyota Certified full service provider of auto body vehicle repairs whether they be claims, 3rd party pays or customer pay repairs. We have 3 levels of repair service. Express Cosmetic, Minor Collision Repair and Major Collision Repair. We also other several other services for your convenience while your vehicle is with us – Other Vehicle Services.

This will depend on the size of repair and the scope of the job. With insurance claim jobs the completion date is determined by the total # of hours (Insurance formula used to calculated. Express Cosmetic services are generally same day repairs.

Just drop off your vehicle, we will contact the Rental Car Co. to come pick you up. We also have Discount Car and Truck rentals on site.

No you are not obligated to choose a referred body shop. We tell this to people often because it is a common myth. Read more about your choices with insurance companies.

Many people think we will fix only the large claim and forget to ask about the bicycle handle bar scrape… See our vehicle repair services here.

No we do not, a collision estimate is completely free, so to quote my good friend and colleague-Bob Barker——“Come On Down”!! Or get expedite the process by filling out our quick and easy online estimate forms.

Not only do we have a guarantee we have a Lifetime Guarantee on all our work!! For the lifetime of the vehicle, we provide a full guarantee on all our repair work. If you run into any issues at all with accident related repair work give us a call.